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Foul Deeds Will Rise

Book Two

     By 1875, Lillian Nolan believes she has successfully shut off any connection to the spirit world. That winter she is thrilled when she wins the role of Ophelia in a new production of Hamlet in her home town of Chicago. Everything changes when the body of the managing director is found sprawled across the steps of the dress circle and all the investors’ money is missing. Lillian fears, once again, her career is over before it begins.


     After her dearest friend is arrested for murder, Lillian commits herself to discovering the truth. Her search is complicated by a strange man who is following her, the romantic overtures of her co-star, and a reunion with an old nemesis. But nothing is what it seems. What she does find puts a member of her own family at risk and leads to the unmasking of the killer with lethal consequences for herself.

Having read and enjoyed the first in this series, I was looking forward to reading this one, and wasn’t disappointed. Although this is the second book in a series, there is enough of the backstory provided that new readers could still enjoy it, and as with the first book, I tore through it. Both the mystery and the surrounding elements are well-plotted, and it’s fascinating to read more of the life of an actor in the 1870s. I also enjoy the way the author has, again, entwined fact and fiction into the plot, giving everything a great sense of time and place. Highly recommended.

~ Jennifer Wilson

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